Author: Robert Fulton

A Cure for CURES

Bob Pack lost his 10-year-old son Troy and 7-year-old daughter Alana when they were hit by a driver under the influence of alcohol and prescription painkillers. Pack questioned how authorities could not have noticed someone obtaining exorbitant amounts of pain pills, and wondered why there was no system in place to monitor such action. He later learned that the state of California does have a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES). Pack also learned that CURES is both technologically inadequate and critically underfunded.

The Calling

The Rev. Cecil L. “Chip” Murray sits in the small conference room of the center that bears his name. He is both humbled and amazed by the fact of the eponymous Cecil Murray Center for Community Engagement, part of the University of Southern California’s Center for Religion & Civic Culture.

A Primary Concern

Lilia Marin-Alvarez, the human resources director for the To Help Everyone Clinic in Los Angeles, would like to hire a new physician. Yesterday.

Impact of receding Salton Sea unknown

The Salton Sea is shrinking, making it shallower and more susceptible to events such as the Big Stink. But while the hydrogen sulfide can be dismissed as more of an inconvenience than a hazard, a greater threat may be looming.

Casa Dominguez turns concept of housing project on its head

Casa Dominguez includes a childcare facility, after-school programs, college prep courses, career counseling, computer training and ESL classes, all orchestrated by a services coordinator. But what sets Casa Dominguez apart starts with a health clinic on the community’s grounds operated by St. John’s Well Child and Family Center.

Health care reform helps L.A. clinic meet rising demand

South Los Angeles, maybe best remembered as ground zero for the 1992 Rodney King riots, now boasts an unexpected draw. Patients are traveling from other parts of Los Angeles to seek care at the South Central Family Health Center, a clinic that provides health care to the uninsured – and is using grants from the Recovery Act and the Affordable Care Act to innovate and grow.

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