Author: Robert Fulton

Hear Hear

John Tracy Clinic brings hope to hearing impaired children – and their parents.

Foster the Children

When doctors diagnosed Carla Vance with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma two years ago, the then 16-year-old had been in the Los Angeles County foster care system for seven years. Medi-Cal will help with her coverage until she is 21. But what happens after that? The answer to that question depends in part on the Supreme Court’s ruling on health care reform.

At a crossroads

The former site of the Bethune Library in South Los Angeles sits vacant. Secured by a chain-link fence, what was once home to a community resource is now a dirt field littered with pinecones and discarded trash. Patches of proud grass peek through the earth, and a few out-of-place trees stand like sentries guarding a memory. The land was slated for 55 affordable housing units and a grocery story. Now, after the dissolution of redevelopment agencies, it’s in limbo.

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