Author: Pamela K. Johnson

Claims denied

A group of dental surgical centers that treat children and people with disabilities say that Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) has recently started to deny routine claims for services, and that if it continues they’ll likely be forced to close their doors.

Connecting the young and old in geriatric psychiatry

Bella Schwartzbord, who turned 100 in August, recently added jewelry making to her busy schedule of playing Bingo, practicing yoga and taking walks. While she’s aging successfully, her daughter, Sarah Gelberd, M.D., knows that many older adults across California aren’t faring as well.

Jenesse Center Offers Shelter from the Storm

Chanel, a petite African American woman with sleek hair and hazel eyes, trembles as she remembers the last time her husband beat her. He struck her with one chair and then another. “They broke on my body as I tried to hide my face…. When I went to the hospital, I thought, Now’s my chance. I’ve got to go. I’ve got to save me and my kids.”

Denti-Cal Patients Feel the Pain as Rates Shrink

A few years ago, Kathleen Hamilton became a foster mom to 13 and 14 year old boys, who also happened to be her nephews. Both needed extensive dental work, and the services were to be covered by the state’s Medi-Cal program. But year after year, Hamilton ran into a snag.

A day in the life of a Kitchen Diva

In this story, you’ll meet Veronica Mayes-Jackson, a Kitchen Diva who’s educating members of her community in Los Angeles about how to change their lifestyle in order to improve their health. Learn more about the Kitchen Divas and their parent organization, Black Women for Wellness, in our profile of the organization.

A Class Robot Helps Kids with Autism

An 8-year-old boy with autism ran up to a booth where a small robot named Nao sat on a display table at a technology conference a few years ago. Nao was “looking” around. When the child touched the robot’s shiny white and blue body, its sensors engaged, and it turned its head and began to ask the boy questions in a pleasant, computerized voice.

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