Author: Pamela K. Johnson

Aging in the East

When Misao Okawa recently blew out her 116th candle, she also nabbed the bragging rights as the oldest person in the world. She, like the previous world’s oldest person, who died last year at 116, is of Japanese descent.

Teachers Make House Calls for Seriously Ill Students

At Kendall Hollinger’s school, the classroom and cafeteria are adjacent, and there are no students slamming locker doors and yelling “Wait up!” to a group of friends. That’s because the 17-year-old has been home-hospital schooled since kindergarten, owing to severe and potentially deadly allergies.

New Kidney, New Life

High blood pressure and a heart attack set the stage for Owens’ kidney failure. Now he wants to use his second chance at life to get kids moving.

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