Author: Melissa Flores

College Students Coaxed Towards Health Insurance

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, even college students who are in the business of being educated still have some questions about it. The California State University system has created a health insurance education project, enlisting teams at many of the campuses across the state to help inform college students, their families and part-time employees about the new online insurance marketplace,

Laws expand birth control access

Recent federal and state laws strive to make it easier for women to access birth control in California, but clinics and insurers say that the new law hasn’t increased demand for contraceptives.

State diabetes program focuses on regional hot spots

Stopping the rise of diabetes is an ongoing effort in California, especially in counties such as Monterey, where the rates of the illness are higher than the state average. In Monterey, local and regional programs are working to prevent the chronic illness, which carries a hefty price tag and toll on health, with support from statewide efforts.

More minorities needed in marrow registry

There are 10 million potential donors registered in the United States for the 10,000 patients who annually are in need of a marrow transplant, but patients who are part of an ethnic minority have a harder time than others finding a donor.

Advocates give voice to foster children

The demand for court-appointed advocates for foster children – volunteers who make a minimum 18-month commitment to meet with children regularly and be by their side for court dates – is rising in Monterey County.

Statewide outreach continues focus on SIDS prevention

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome hits some communities harder than others. Preventative programs offer all parents simple tips for safe sleep for their children, but recent efforts have stepped up outreach to high-risk groups and emphasize culturally appropriate advice.

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