Author: Melissa Flores

Low-income kids start school with new supplies

As school students settle into the start of a new year, some low-income kids in districts around the state are getting free supplies to set them up for success. In September, members of the Oakland-based nonprofit K to College partnered with student volunteers from the University of California, Los Angeles to give out $45,000 in school supplies and dental kits.

Salinas hospital spurs legislation on CEO contracts

As Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System’s board of directors looks for a financial partner to pull it out of a bind that threatens future service in the community, a state politician is taking aim at one of the policies that put the Salinas hospital in a precarious state.

No clear answers for end-of-life, but conversations can help

Lisa Krieger soon learned how difficult end-of-life decisions can be. She was an only child, and deciding how far to go to try to extend her father’s life fell to her. “It is like being on a freeway of technology where you can’t find the exit ramps,” she says. “I learned the system is built to save people. It is easy to get care and very hard to say no.

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