Month: March 2015

Prescription Candy: A Quick Fix for Aging?

In America, drug addiction is despised as a social scourge, a destructive force for families and communities alike. Yet when it comes to treating older adults, drugs are hailed as quick salvation — prescription candy — the answer to complex chronic diseases and behavioral “problems” affiliated with dementia.

Legislators Consider Denti-Cal Audit

California legislators will hold a hearing Tuesday on an audit that found that more than half of children enrolled in the state’s low-income health program didn’t see a dentist in 2013, the most recent year data was available.

Rico feeds Royalty

Parenting Programs Turn to Fathers

Chris Gibson spends his days visiting new fathers and their tiny babies. He’s a fathering coach and offers help that’s increasing in demand — teaching dads in low income neighborhoods about the ins and outs of infants.

A Better Delivery for Pregnant Women in Jail

As the young female inmate from the San Francisco County Jail prepared to give birth to her first child at San Francisco General Hospital, she found comfort in the fact that she wasn’t alone. Sitting by her bedside was a doula, a trained nonclinical birth companion whom she had been working with for several months through the Bay Area’s Birth Justice Project.

Aging Inside the White House

Citing budget constraints, planners of the 2015 White House Conference on Aging once envisioned a virtual affair, with online sessions streamed across the world without any actual presence inside the White House. In other words, a lackluster, disconnected event that kept policymakers separate from the actual lives of older adults.

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