Author: Daniel Weintraub

Older, Wiser and Fighting Climate Change

Mick Smyer launched the website Graying Green to help foster a social movement that would “energize older adults around what is arguably our most important issue.”

And where others – including climate change scientists – only saw tired victims, Smyer saw possibilities.

Cabernet Over Chemo: 4 Physicians, 4 Lessons

Long considered the step before hospice, palliative care can actually be offered at any stage of a serious illness and focuses on humane treatment. It is sometimes called “comfort care.” It’s quickly becoming mainstream just as hospice – unknown before the 1970s – has now become standard medical procedure for those with fewer than six months to live.

Flexing Muscles: 70 Strong

Blue Zones are those rare communities where residents live healthier and longer lives, the result of nine factors that include good food and close community ties. Loma Linda is one of only a handful of Blue Zones worldwide, with its tight-knit Seventh-day Adventist community that emphasizes a vegetarian diet free from alcohol and other mind-altering substances.

A Devastating Hour… and Simmering Controversy

By Matt Perry If you want to spend a devastating hour in front of the TV, watch the excellent PBS documentary on Alzheimer’s disease Every Minute Counts, which aired last week and is still available online. It’s all there. The devastating impact Alzheimer’s has on families and finances. The shocking discovery that neither private health insurance nor Medicare covers housing costs for long-term care. And

Mad Volunteer Scientists: Do You Know the Way To San Jose?

By Matt Perry As she prepared for the 2015 White House Conference on Aging — an event that happens only once a decade — conference director Nora Super visited California, her first stop San Francisco to meet Marc Freedman. In aging circles, Freedman’s a rock star. His is a wildly successful business incubator for encore careers and late life entrepreneurship. So when the organization

Trump, Aging and the Wayback Machine

  By Matt Perry What does Donald Trump’s presidency mean for aging? After declaring on his first full day in office “I feel young, I feel like I’m 30, 35, 39,” a poll of aging experts illuminates just how far we’ve progressed in our acceptance of elder politicians. At the same time, these same experts express deep concern about how the new president’s policies could

Lost and Found in the City of Angels

By Matt Perry Falling stars are the stuff of Hollywood legend. Early film industry folklore had it that the Pacific coast was littered with the bodies of actors who failed to make the transition from silent movies to sound – victims of suicidal depression.  While myth, the story nevertheless suggests that the fine line between success and failure in the City of Angels has always

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