Author: Marty Graham

San Diego Residents Fight for Community Plan

Environmental justice advocates throughout California are watching the battle between the San Diego neighborhood of Barrio Logan, where residents have lower incomes and higher asthma rates, and the shipbuilding industry on the barrio’s western edge.

Farming Helps Foster Kids See a Better Future

The 14-acre certified organic farm at the south edge of the San Pasqual Academy  is surrounded by commercial farms, orange and grape trees on three sides. It’s a rich metaphor for the academy itself, an organic local effort that’s meant to anchor its community to healthy food, one that’s grown jobs and centered the way the students live.

In San Diego, an effort to restore justice

Southern California’s first juvenile system restorative justice project is close to being launched in City Heights, one of San Diego’s most diverse neighborhoods. The program aims to keep first-time juvenile offenders out of the criminal justice system by putting them right back into the community they’ve offended – and by making them work with the victim to get both the offender and the victim back on track.

Curfew sweeps alarm community

Community activists in San Diego are alarmed by curfew sweeps that they say unfairly target minority youth. Police say they are even-handed and the sweeps expose kids and their families to social services that can help them avoid delinquency.

Chula Vista students slim down

When the Chula Vista Elementary School District south of San Diego surveyed the physical condition of the 25,000 students enrolled in 2010, the results were worrisome. About 40 percent of the kids were at an unhealthy weight – with the highest rates among fifth and sixth graders.

Mobile Health at the Market

When it comes to getting her kids the healthcare she needs, Monica Villalobos faces many challenges. A single mom with three kids under five, she doesn’t have a car, works long hours and shares parenting with her mom, who speaks very little English.

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