Author: Marty Graham

San Diego Program Shows Value of Housing First

Advocates for the homeless have long argued that the “housing first” model for moving homeless people into shelter and services without demanding that they change their behavior was not only more humane but also more likely to help people rebuild their lives, with the potential to improve their health and save taxpayer dollars in the long run. Now there’s new data to back up that claim.

San Diego Residents Fight for Community Plan

Environmental justice advocates throughout California are watching the battle between the San Diego neighborhood of Barrio Logan, where residents have lower incomes and higher asthma rates, and the shipbuilding industry on the barrio’s western edge.

Farming Helps Foster Kids See a Better Future

The 14-acre certified organic farm at the south edge of the San Pasqual Academy  is surrounded by commercial farms, orange and grape trees on three sides. It’s a rich metaphor for the academy itself, an organic local effort that’s meant to anchor its community to healthy food, one that’s grown jobs and centered the way the students live.

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