Author: Mary Flynn

Emotional needs of young cancer patients unmet

About 70,000 adolescents and young adults between the ages of 15 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer each year. While the disease can be a physical and emotional blow to anyone at any age, a recent study determined that younger patients have a vast set of unmet social and psychological needs.

Disabled kids more likely to be victimized

Children with disabilities are at nearly four times greater risk of being a victim of violence than those without a disability, according to a recent analysis. Advocates have long been aware that disabled children are at an increased risk of being exposed to violence, but the study revealed the extent of the problem for the first time.

Preparations for reform may leave lasting changes

The Affordable Care Act allows for about 32 million newly insured Americans by 2019, and three to four million eligible by 2014. Federal health care reform might not survive after a Supreme Court decision expected this week, but the preparations for an influx of new patients may have already changed the health care system.

Flame retardants may affect kids’ health

Earlier this week, Gov. Jerry Brown directed state agencies to reviser requirements for flame retardants in furniture. Here’s a look at the research on how the chemicals used as flame retardants affect the human body and the dangers they might pose – especially to children and pregnant women.

Life and health in a low-income neighborhood

Where you live determines your health. This idea has been steadily gaining traction as emerging research continues to highlight the connection between place, lifespan and quality of life. As recently reported, for instance, researchers have found that stress can get under your skin and that violence can alter a child’s DNA. The poorest counties in California have the worst health, while the richest, generally, have the best.

How healthy is your county?

Researchers who crunched the numbers on county health want to go beyond a best and worst list. That’s why this year’s data also includes information about projections about counties’ future health and incentives, in the form of grant money, to take a turn towards healthful living.

Violence can alter a child’s DNA

Researchers and public health officials have known that the basis for adult health lies largely in childhood. The environment in which one is raised affects how healthy that person will be as they age. New research suggests that children who are repeatedly exposed to violence appear to be aging at a faster rate.

New study may show how stress gets under your skin

If you’re poor, you are also more likely to be sick with chronic diseases. Studies have demonstrated this truth time and again. For years, people have been trying to determine what exactly it is about poverty that causes poor health. Stress had always been a likely culprit, but scientists didn’t know how stress makes the body vulnerable – but new research is providing some clues.

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