Author: Mary Flynn

Innovative program helps low-income seniors live independently longer

By 2050, one fifth of the US population will be 65 years or older. As the aging population continues to rise, poverty, hunger, and the need for long term care are just some of the issues they increasingly face. Particularly in Silicon Valley, where the cost of living is quite high, the demand for resources for senior citizens continues to grow. However, one organization has an innovative program that provides assistance to older adults, helping to keep them living independently for longer.

Childhood Poverty Affects Longterm Health

About twenty young children sat on the brightly colored carpet as a man with long dreadlocks slid a large conga drum in front of him. It was “circle time” at Lotus Bloom’s Room to Bloom program, a drop-in parent-child playgroup in East Oakland.

East Oakland childcare program cares for children and parents

Experts say that the first five years of a child’s life will greatly impact their educational, social and economic futures.
However, California’s children of color – particularly African American and Latino children – suffer significant gaps when it comes to those early opportunities such as access to preschool. This is the story of an Oakland-based program that works with parents and their children to close that gap.

Rural Californians Also Face High Housing Costs

California residents pay dearly to live in the Golden state. Nearly half of California residents experienced a “high housing cost burden” in 2012, which means that the cost of their housing — including mortgage, home insurance, utilities and property taxes for homeowners and rent and utilities for renters — consumed more than 30 percent of their income.

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