Month: May 2013

California is richest, poorest state

It’s fair to say that California is the richest state in the nation. We have more millionaires than any other state, and mansions dot our coastal bluffs and inland canyons. But California is also, arguably, the poorest state in the nation. We have more people in poverty — 6.1 million — and more children in poverty than any other state. Even more ominously, a new measure of poverty shows that California has the highest percentage of its population living below the poverty line. Daniel Weintraub’s weekly essay.

Clergy campaign for indigent care

By Chris Richard

In a first step in a campaign to emphasize a moral and religious imperative in the state budget debate, clergy from a coalition of Los Angeles County churches and synagogues delivered sermons over last weekend calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to retain current state support for county indigent care.

Low-income kids face a wide summer nutrition gap

Over half the kids in California receive free or reduced lunch at school—yet the majority of these low-income kids don’t receive federally funded meals during the summer. Now schools and community organizations are coming together to make sure summer lunch reaches kids in need, even if they aren’t in summer school.

Covered California rolls out health plan choices, rates

Today was a big day for Covered California, the new state-run marketplace for health insurance created under the federal Affordable Care Act. The health exchange rolled out the 13 regional and statewide plans that will be available to more than 5 million Californians eligible to buy coverage through the new system beginning Oct. 1

To combat poverty, information is key

By Suzanne Potter

In the past two years, poverty rates in Riverside County rose from 12 percent to about 14 percent, according to the Community Action Partnership (CAP) Riverside, the agency charged with doing something about it.

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