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New Medi-Cal computer system at risk of delay

The state’s $1.7 billion project to build a new computerized claims management system for the Medi-Cal program is at risk of falling behind schedule this year, a state audit says. The project, managed by Xerox, has completed one of five planned phases, but the next phase, due in June, is far more complex and not likely to be completed on time, according to the audit.

Berkeley passes soda tax, measure fails in SF

Berkeley voters on Tuesday became the first in the nation to place a special tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in an attempt to fight the health effects of soda, while across the bay in San Francisco, a similar measure failed to win the two-thirds majority needed for passage. The soft drink industry spent an estimated $10 million in an attempt to defeat the two measure. See

Medicaid recipients see benefit boost

From Kaiser Health News With an improving fiscal climate, many states are increasing benefits for Medicaid recipients and paying their providers more. The trend is continuing into fiscal year 2015 for those who rely on Medicaid, the state and federal health insurance program for the poor, according to a survey of 50 state Medicaid programs released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the National

Why reducing poverty — and stress — might be the key to better health

By Daniel Weintraub Look at the health data for just about any collection of neighborhoods in California and one thing will soon become clear: Poor people are sicker and, on average, die younger than people with higher incomes. The medical profession, social workers and health researchers have known this for a long time. But exactly why it is so remains, surprisingly, a mystery. Answering that

Conference on 9/23 to focus on health reform

Capitol Weekly and the University of California, UC Center present Health Care: California, a conference examining the California health care landscape, one year into the Affordable Care Act. This event will be filmed for later broadcast by the California Channel.HealthCare2014 The day-long conference will be held in Sacramento on September 23, 2014. Click HERE to reserve your seat! We will examine the impact of the

Poll: More Californians back ACA

After years of steady but stable support for the federal health reform known as the Affordable Care Act, California voters strengthened their embrace of the new law after it was implemented this year, according to a poll released this week by the Field Research Corp. The survey of 1,535 California voters showed support for the law growing to 56 percent to 35 percent. Backing for

Medi-Cal to cover nearly one-third of Californians

California now expects enrollment in the Medi-Cal program to grow by 46 percent by the end of the 2014-15 budget year, with 800,000 of those new enrollees not part of the Affordable Care Act. The ACA provided nearly full federal funding — starting at 100 percent and then phasing down to 90 percent — for those low-income people who were given coverage for the first

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