Month: October 2012

Taxing questions on the ballot

As Californians head to the polls, taxes will be the biggest issue on the state ballot—again. Here’s a brief primer on state taxes and spending and what’s at stake Nov. 6. Daniel Weintraub’s weekly essay.

Support for Brown's tax measure slides in new poll

Support is falling for Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to raise income and sales taxes to balance the state budget, according to a new survey from the independent Public Policy Institute of California. Backing for a rival measure to raise income taxes and dedicate most of the money raised to the public schools is also eroding. Brown’s measure, Proposition 30, would increase taxes on earnings over

Can Latinos in California Afford Old Age?

California is home to more than 14 million Latinos, who make up roughly 38% of the state’s population. In this community, caring for one’s elders is often a source of pride and a strong familial tradition. Yet a coming wave of need for services threatens the financial security of many Latinos in the state. Six of 10 Latino voters over the age of 40 say a close family member will likely need long-term care in the next five years, yet most do not know where they will turn for help, according to a new poll by The SCAN Foundation and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Treating uninsured immigrants after health care reform

By Callie Shanafelt

Undocumented immigrants and lawfully present immigrants who’ve been here less than five years are excluded from health care reform. That may put community clinics that treat the poor in a difficult financial position – and make getting care harder for immigrants.

Prison reform one year later

By Heather Tirado Gilligan

Critics of prison realignment say that the law has caused a spike in crime. But experts caution that it is far too early to understand the effects of the law.

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