Violence & Justice

In a Push for Fair Treatment, Los Angeles LGBT Center Creates New Categories for Relationship Violence

A four-category system for intimate partner violence that Susan Holt created with her colleagues at the Los Angeles LGBT Center has become a standard of practice at the non-profit, the largest provider of LGBT medical and mental health services nationwide. But Holt and her colleagues are still working to spread the word about the four categories, which, Holt believes, can be helpful for treating the wider community as well.

San Diego Program Offers Support to Former Inmates Through Medi-Cal

A San Diego program seeks out formerly incarcerated individuals after they are released to connect them with health care, paid for under the ACA with their Medi-Cal card. Generally, health care seems to provide a crucial link to a better life after incarceration. Former inmates participating in the program are more likely to do well in their communities and avoid the cycle of re-arrests.

Afraid of Law Enforcement, Immigrants in Abusive Relationships Face Safety Dilemma

Interpersonal assault victims, who already faced stigma and a culture that often blames them for their assault, now must contend with a president who himself has been accused of sexual assault. Further, President Donald Trump’s immigration policies have left many California victims who are undocumented afraid to even step foot in a courthouse or police station, for fear that they may be deported.

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