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Why Movement Matters

Whether it’s partner dancing, yoga, walking, riding motorcycles or climbing trees, older adults are sustaining good health and reducing chronic disease by getting off their butts in newly creative ways that emphasize flexibility rather than sweaty exercise or muscle-bound weightlifting.

New Solutions for Long-Standing Drinking Water Pollution in Central Valley

Millions of Californians depend on a polluted water supply, but in the vast majority of places, the contamination is removed, and clean fresh water flows into homes, schools and businesses. Not so for as many as 160,000 people who regularly get doses of arsenic, nitrates, industrial solvents or bacterial contamination as they drink, cook and bathe. In some parts of the state, particularly in the San Joaquin Valley, water supplies are drying up altogether, because of the state’s drought.

A Campaign to Make L.A. Apartments Smoke-free

Esther Schiller, who suffers from extreme asthma, is a clean-air advocate of a particular kind—she crusades for smoke-free housing. Years ago, when cigarette smoke wafted into her classroom at Sun Valley Junior High School, the former teacher said it triggered a severe upper respiratory infection that caused a life-threatening reaction.

L.A. Metro Moving Bar on Health

L.A. is on the road toward a transportation revolution. It’s been a slow start but with a new, well-utilized Expo Rail line extension stretching from Downtown L.A. to the beach and more lines under construction, many of L.A.’s famously car-loving citizens are navigating in new ways.

Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked to Better Breast Cancer Outcomes

 Vitamin D may help women fight breast cancer, new research suggests. Women who had higher vitamin D levels when they were diagnosed with breast cancer fared significantly better than those with lower levels, according to the study, published online Nov. 10 in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Oncology.

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