Author: Nicole Knight

Upswing in New Cases of HIV, Hep C and STDs Prompts Call for Statewide Task Force

A coalition of 133 health-related groups in California are calling for $2 million from the governor and state legislature for a statewide task force to stamp out a mounting public health syndemic of HIV, hepatitis C and sexually transmitted diseases. The proposed task force would pool health resources from around the state to set target dates to end the HIV, hepatitis C and STD epidemics.

Lax Oversight Allows Serious Health and Safety Violations to Continue at Immigration Detention Centers

Immigrant detainees in California are confined in prison-like conditions for up to 22 hours a day, while the counties and cities that contract with ICE exercise little or no oversight of local detention facilities, according to a pair of blistering state reports released Tuesday. The reports from state attorney general Xavier Becerra and state auditor Elaine Howle chronicle shoddy medical care and mental health treatment

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