Author: Nicole Jones

Chevron refinery fire aftermath

Chevron, Contra Costa County and Richmond city officials addressed an angry crowd of residents at a town hall meeting in Richmond earlier this week over growing concerns from Monday’s Chevron refinery fire. East Bay residents filled the floor of the Civic Center gymnasium to demand transparency over what triggered the fire and the resulting health impacts.

Study: Anxiety disorder overdiagnosed in poor moms

Psychiatry continues to classify anxiety as an abnormal experience among people who are living in poverty, when stress is often a reasonable response to their circumstances. Their anxiety is not always psychiatric, but rather a reaction to severe environmental deficits as a result of living in poverty, according to a recent study.

Crime-fighting plans all lead to hot spot policing

Hot spot policing is an increasingly popular crime-fighting tactic, taken up by cities including Oakland, Sacramento, Stockton and San Jose. Proponents say it’s the best use of the police force, especially in cities where the number of police is shrinking. But critics say it may lead to over-policing in low-income neighborhoods.

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