Author: Leah Bartos

Across the SF Bay, a Leader in LGBT Health Care

Jaime Jenett knows she’s been lucky. One afternoon in the summer of 2008, her 4-month-old son Simon was rushed to the emergency room. By that night, he was in the ICU, and by the morning, on life support. Simon was diagnosed with a heart condition called cardiomyopathy, and would stay in the hospital for another four months.

In rural California, physician shortages expected to increase

As the state prepares for the expected onslaught of newly insured patients, health-care professionals are warning there may not be enough doctors — particularly, those practicing primary care — to meet the increased demand. Some say that the problem will be even more amplified in rural California, which already suffers a physician shortage and dwindling workforce, as the majority of rural physicians nears retirement and recruitment of new doctors lags in replacing them.

Feminist clinic fights to be included in health care reform

As millions of Californians are projected to gain coverage over the next several years, the independent clinics that have traditionally served the uninsured are in for some big changes. Soon, many more low-income patients are expected to have private insurance, following the roll out of Obamacare’s signature reforms in 2014.

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