Author: Clare Noonan

Schools use restorative justice to reduce suspensions

In place of suspensions many districts are turning to a disciplinary method called restorative justice. Its goal is for the offender to accept responsibility for his or her actions while resolving the problem in a manner that is fair and acceptable to each party.

Rico feeds Royalty

All Dads Matter

With the help of a program that draws on more experienced fathers, men in Merced County are making powerful changes in their lives and those of their children.

Program preps parents for college

Parent Empowerment Program workshops demystify all aspects of getting into and attending college: what courses and exams high-school students have to take in order to be admitted, how to fill out financial forms, what college courses to sign up for. “It educates parents about college life for their children. It takes away the fear of what college life will be like.”

San Joaquin Valley seniors face foreclosures

It’s not news to residents of the eight-county San Joaquin Valley that the area has  been hard hit economically since 2008, when the housing bubble deflated. Many neighborhoods show signs of neglect as people unable to meet their mortgage obligations lose their homes to foreclosure. Among those facing this prospect in the central part of the state is a growing number of older homeowners.

Program trains docs to treat underserved groups

A new program is training doctors, most of whom are from the San Joaquin Valley, who want to treat underserved populations in the area. Currently, the San Joaquin Valley has too few doctors, including both primary care physicians and specialists.

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