Month: April 2016

End of Life Scare

Hoping to spur dialogue about end of life care with patients, the federal government this year began reimbursing doctors for starting – and continuing – conversations about dying. But there’s just one problem. Many doctors are afraid to talk about death.

Feds Give Public Hospitals Financial Incentives to Care for the Uninsured

Eva, an undocumented immigrant and single mother in Bakersfield who harvests grapes to support her three children, suffered from daily hemorrhaging for eight months after delivering her third child. A physician at a federally-funded community clinic sent her to the hospital to get a biopsy for a uterine growth. But despite many trips to the emergency room to treat her symptoms, she was told that she would have to pay $450 before they would perform a biopsy.

Do Central Valley Hospitals Earn Their Nonprofit Tax Breaks?

By Hannah Guzik Major Central Valley hospitals don’t report enough data to determine whether they earn the extensive tax breaks they get for operating as nonprofits, according to a study released Monday. “These hospitals get a whopping tax break because they’re supposed to benefit the community as not-for-profits, but the data they report is so sketchy that we truly don’t know if they earn those

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