Month: August 2015

Need to Know

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik Chronic pain patients are caught in the middle after federal restrictions on painkillers. California lags behind the nation in vaccinating children, CDC says. The state may require daycare workers to be immunized. Half of kids and a quarter of adults are enrolled in Medi-Cal. A probation officer’s love of

Half of Kids and a Quarter of Adults in California Are Enrolled in Medi-Cal

By Hannah Guzik Half of children and a quarter of adults in California are enrolled in the state’s low-income health plan, according to numbers released Wednesday. There are 5.2 million children and 7.4 million adults enrolled in Medi-Cal, according to the figures provided by the Department of Health Care Services. That’s about 57 percent of the child population and 25 percent of the adult population

Need to Know

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik To fight obesity, we need healthier communities. Positive moods can spread throughout friend groups, warding off depression. Attitudes toward hospice care can vary by race. What happens after a cyber-attack of medical data, and how it affects people. Covered California is slow to fix computer problems, consumer group

Probation Officer’s Love of Soccer Saves at Risk Kids

Coach Gina Castañeda stands in a player box at the edge of the indoor soccer arena, yelling above the cheers of the crowd to the teenage boys in purple jerseys darting across the playing field. A player in mis-matched soccer cleats makes a swift pass to a team mate, who shoots the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net. Castañeda claps wildly, shouting “Good job you guys! ¡Sí se puede!

To fight obesity, we need healthier communities

By Daniel Weintraub At first glance the conclusions from a recent study on obesity by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research seem obvious: people who are overweight or obese tend to have a less healthy diet and exercise less often than people whose weight is normal. But behind those findings is another, more compelling story: Minorities are more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic

From Investments to Individuals: Finance Firm Prepares for Aging

  By Matt Perry A common view of investment advisers is that they place you into funds with the highest advisor fees. Then move your money around – churn, churn, churn – to reap even more cash for themselves. Your cash. “Show me the money.” This view is especially vexing for older adults heading towards retirement. They’ve spent a lifetime building wealth and want an

Need to Know

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik Advocates urge the state to gather more data on children in Medi-Cal. One county will move at least 1,000 mentally ill inmates out of jail and into treatment. California will cover full Medi-Cal for low-income pregnant women. The number of uninsured has dropped by a third since the

State Seeking Innovative Community Health Ideas

By Hannah Guzik In the hopes of improving health across the state, California officials are asking community members to share any innovative programs that have yielded results. The California Health and Human Services Agency and Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that people can submit ideas online through Sept. 30. Officials will select six finalists, whose ideas will be presented at a statewide Innovation Conference

Advocates Urge the State to Gather More Data on Children in Medi-Cal

By Hannah Guzik

Although more than half of California’s children are enrolled in the state’s low-income health program, the state does not report how many of them are born at a low birth weight, receive a developmental screening in their first three years of life or have a suicide-risk assessment if they have a major depressive disorder.

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