Month: August 2015

Probation Officer’s Love of Soccer Saves at Risk Kids

Coach Gina Castañeda stands in a player box at the edge of the indoor soccer arena, yelling above the cheers of the crowd to the teenage boys in purple jerseys darting across the playing field. A player in mis-matched soccer cleats makes a swift pass to a team mate, who shoots the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net. Castañeda claps wildly, shouting “Good job you guys! ¡Sí se puede!

To fight obesity, we need healthier communities

By Daniel Weintraub At first glance the conclusions from a recent study on obesity by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research seem obvious: people who are overweight or obese tend to have a less healthy diet and exercise less often than people whose weight is normal. But behind those findings is another, more compelling story: Minorities are more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic

Advocates Urge the State to Gather More Data on Children in Medi-Cal

Although more than half of California’s children are enrolled in the state’s low-income health program, the state does not report how many of them are born at a low birth weight, receive a developmental screening in their first three years of life or have a suicide-risk assessment if they have a major depressive disorder.

Population Explosion: California Seniors

Ready or not, here they come. In just 15 years, California will have nearly twice as many seniors as today. Among them will be a rising percentage of Latinos and Asians, along with a greater number of single seniors without children to care for them.

A Highway to Skilled Nursing? Not So Fast.

A tiny California program to help indigent seniors afford assisted living may herald a sea change in how people without savings can obtain long-term care. And with some tender loving care, it may even help keep the state solvent.

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