Month: March 2012

Study: Exercise programs not tailored to people of color

Getting a community to start exercising involves a lot more than posting up fliers and hosting some aerobics classes. It takes community buy-in. A recent study from the University of Missouri found that exercise programs aimed at minority adults are doing some short-term good, but most come across as culturally tone-deaf and are by and large failing to connect with the communities they intend to help.

This Midas had no golden touch

Methyl iodide, one of the most controversial pesticides ever sold in California, was quietly removed from the market last week. Its rise and fall is a story of opportunistic science, corporate influence peddling, and questionable regulatory decisions. But ultimately, the chemical was pulled from the shelves because farmers weren’t buying it.

Number of vaccinated kids drops steadily in California

As a growing number of Californians exempt their children from required immunizations, public health departments statewide are launching campaigns to try to persuade them to vaccinate, and legislators are trying to make it harder for them to get exemptions.

Where Do They Go Now?

As a child, Lyudmia Shnaydman survived the horrors of World War II, though she lost her entire family. As an older adult she suffers from no fewer than four serious, chronic health problems. Now the state of California is giving her nightmares. Next week, the state has told Shnaydman, she will lose her access to adult day health care under tighter eligibility rules adopted last year.

Study: Newly insured use ER more

One of the most common arguments in favor of the federal health reform law that the Supreme Court is weighing this week is that people without insurance overuse emergency rooms because they lack access to basic care. But new research released today suggests that people without insurance use the ER no more than those who have health coverage.

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