Author: Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Despite progress, 250,000 Medi-Cal applicants still wait for coverage

Carlos Gutierrez of Berkeley thought his health care troubles were over when he received a letter from his county’s social service agency in May telling him he qualified for Medi-Cal. The 34-year-old single father of two had been without health insurance for months after losing his job as a trainer in car rental sales. He’d applied for health coverage through Covered California — the state’s health insurance exchange — and when the letter about Medi-Cal arrived he felt relieved.

Despite Regulations, Low-Income Californians With Learning Disabilities Often Fall Through the Cracks

Shortly after she began participating in California’s Welfare-to-Work program, Michele Marino began to think she was going crazy. The single mother had just enrolled in a government cash-assistance program to help support herself and her two young sons, while she searched for a job and took classes at a community college. But daily tasks, school, parenting and the government requirements to stay in the welfare program felt overwhelming.

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