domestic violence

A Model for Getting Domestic Violence Survivors Wraparound Support

Family Justice Centers are designed to provide one-stop support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, child abuse and human trafficking.

The goal is to make it easy for violence survivors and their children to get all of their needs taken care of in one place, and to spare them from having to visit multiple locations and retell their stories repeatedly.

Opinion: California Has a Chance to Lead the Nation in Ending Domestic Violence

Our governor could take two steps right now that would bring together the committed players in domestic violence prevention, help identify and fill in gaps in support, and put the state even further along the road to meaningful leadership in preventing intimate partner violence. 

In California, 58 percent of adult residents have been impacted by domestic violence directly or through a close friend or relative.

Punishing Families: The Need To Reimagine Child Welfare In LA County

When mothers experiencing domestic violence call the police for help, they find that responding law enforcement officers are quick to involve the child welfare system.

Once involved, social workers often remove children from their homes, even if the victim has left the partner who is abusing them.

Knowledge of this possibility often leaves victims of domestic violence afraid to call the police for help when they need it. 

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