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Health Care That Works: Solving The Curious Case of William Jay

March 6, 2017
Nearly everyone has a healthcare horror story. For William and Madeline Jay, theirs is worse than most.

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A Global Aging Summit … at Home

February 20, 2017
Launching online this Sunday, the Age Without Borders Virtual Summit joins over 50 global experts who will discuss health and wellness, technology, global breakthroughs, retirement, travel, caregiving, housing, finance, nutrition, spirituality and activism.

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State Budget Constraints Lead to Delays in Two California Health Programs

February 18, 2017
Two California programs that were expected to roll out this year — one for children with special needs and one for low-income people seeking palliative care — are now scheduled to be delayed due to state budget constraints.

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Flexing Muscles: 70 Strong

February 7, 2017
Flexing Muscles: 70 Strong Blue Zones are those rare communities where residents live healthier and longer lives, the result of nine factors that include good food and close community ties. Loma Linda is one of only a handful of Blue Zones worldwide, with its tight-knit Seventh-day Adventist community that emphasizes a vegetarian diet free from alcohol and other mind-altering substances.

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Gun Violence Linked to DUIs, Study Finds

February 6, 2017
Gun owners who have been convicted of driving under the influence are more than four times as likely to be later arrested for a firearm-related or violent crime, according to a new study.

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California Children’s Advocates Fight Against Repeal of ACA

January 31, 2017
As Congress continues to debate repealing the Affordable Care Act, California advocates are speaking up about what the legislative action could mean for the state’s children.

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A Devastating Hour… and Simmering Controversy

January 31, 2017

By Matt Perry

If you want to spend a devastating hour in front of the TV, watch the excellent PBS documentary on Alzheimer’s disease Every Minute Counts, which aired last week and is still available online.

It’s all there. The devastating impact Alzheimer’s has on families and finances. The shocking discovery that neither private health insurance nor Medicare covers housing costs for long-term care.

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Trump, Aging and the Wayback Machine

January 24, 2017
Trump, Aging and the Wayback Machine


President Donald Trump.

By Matt Perry

What does Donald Trump’s presidency mean for aging?

After declaring on his first full day in office “I feel young, I feel like I’m 30, 35, 39,” a poll of aging experts illuminates just how far we’ve progressed in our acceptance of elder politicians.

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Only a Third of California Doctors Are People of Color, But 60 Percent of Residents Are

January 19, 2017
Fewer than half of doctors and nurses are people of color in California, a state where 60 percent of the population identifies as Latino, Asian American or African American, according to a new report.

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Repealing the ACA Could Put Health Coverage of Nearly 5 Million Californians in Jeopardy

January 12, 2017
If the federal Affordable Care Act is repealed, as some Republican lawmakers and President-elect Donald Trump have proposed, nearly 5 million Californians could lose health coverage, according to a new report.

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