Author: Jenn Walker

Clinic helps chronic ER visitors get healthy

A Sacramento hospital and a community clinic have teamed up in a successful program to help the chronically ill homeless get healthy and housed while reducing the number of visits to local emergency rooms. T3, which stands for triage, transport and treatment redirects Sutter ER patients who don’t require urgent care to one of the Effort’s clinics or community services that can better treat them.

A Citizen's Guide to South Sacramento

A UC Davis professor is pushing the field of architecture in a new direction. Instead of designing new structures, Michael Rios asks his students to try re-imagining structures that already exist. The designs they have responded with range from converting the underbelly of a freeway in a run-down neighborhood into a shadow garden to designing affordable housing out of freight containers in a mobile park. Rios is trying to show that there is a place for social entrepreneurship in architecture: designing with a focus on social capital and human capital, rather than focusing on capital itself.

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