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I Had Already Walked That Road:’ How One Woman Is Helping Survivors of Violence 

Maury Danielle studied the flyer about a missing woman that a friend had shared on Facebook. Something about it was wrong, she thought.

The woman’s husband had created the flyer and was calling for help finding his wife. But he gave no context about why his wife had disappeared.

Danielle remembered the times she, too, had gone “missing” from her now-ex-husband. She’d been trying to escape.

How Colleges Are Supporting Students Leaving Abusive Relationships

Relationship violence threatens not only students’ physical safety and emotional well-being, but also their academic prospects. Some campuses are finding solutions to help keep survivors in school.

Federal law requires schools and universities that receive government funding to prevent gender-based violence and harassment, and address the needs of survivors so they can continue their education. Survivors have the right to special accommodations such as extra time to complete their school work.

His Aim is True

Garen Wintemute has dedicated his career to preventing firearm deaths—a problem that has held steady at epidemic proportions in the United States for more than a decade and accounts for an average of 30,000 deaths each year.

In 100 blocks, a history of violent crime in Oakland

Most of Oakland’s crime happens in 100 blocks, Mayor Jean Quan explained to city residents at a recent neighborhood safety summit. Concentrating efforts there will change the story of violence in Oakland, she told a sometimes frustrated audience. But how different is the city’s new safety plan from what’s been tried in the past?