Month: July 2017

For Medi-Cal Patients Who Need Specialists or Mental Health Treatment, Where You Live Will Determine Your Access

 The California department that runs the state’s low-income health program released updated rules last week that spell out how far patients may need to travel to see a doctor. Medi-Cal managed-care health plans, which cover more than a quarter of Californians, will be required to have primary-care doctors within 10 miles or 30 minutes from patients’ homes. But when it comes to seeing specialists, mental

California Needs Equality When it Comes to Mental Health Care

Too few Californians have access to mental health care, and the problem exacerbates inequities in the state. Low-income residents and people of color end up bearing the brunt of this health inequity. Take, for instance, the impact of poverty on mental health. While mental health and substance abuse issues cross lines of wealth and social status, poverty and economic distress can have a significant impact

After the Hospital, New Center Offers Shelter to the Homeless

Samuel Raymond Curtis is very familiar with hospital stays. For the past two years, the 58-year-old homeless man who suffers from problems related to a hernia has been in and out of hospitals in Ventura County more times than he can count. Each time he got treated and released back onto the streets, he said. It wasn’t long before his health started deteriorating again. “I’d

an image of President Donald Trump standing at a podium with Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan standing in front of an American flag behind him

How Covered California Stood Up to Trump

One of California’s most substantial voices to weigh in on the consequences of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act wasn’t a consumer activist, politician or economist. It was the state’s health insurance exchange. Almost immediately after Donald Trump was sworn in as President, Covered California started issuing a series of reports detailing how the state’s residents would either lose their insurance or be left

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