Month: January 2016

Music to their ears

People with dementia, if isolated, can withdraw into their own world. But when engaged with others, their condition, or at least their wellbeing, can improve.  A Fairfield music therapist who works with people with dementia has seen physical, emotions and cognitive improvements in her clients. 

Brown's transportation budget celebrates the car

By Daniel Weintraub Weeks after returning from the Paris summit on climate change where he was hailed as a leader in the movement to limit greenhouse gases, Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed a new transportation budget that celebrates the car. In 2016-17, Brown wants to spend $16 billion on transportation, and most of that would go toward making it easier for people to drive. The

Universities Lack Guidelines for Responding to Domestic Violence

Studies have found that the prevalence of domestic violence and dating violence among college students is on par with the number of female college students who’ve experienced sexual assault. “About 21 percent of college students report they are experiencing violence from a current partner,” says Jessica Merrill, communications manager for California Partnership to End Domestic Violence.


Aging Reform: Super Sized to Bite Sized

Sometimes, super sizing your meal is just too much. The same could be said for a state senator’s bill on aging reform, which was deemed “too far reaching” in its lengthy list of recommendations when it was first introduced – and defeated– last year by the Senate Health Committee.

Alzheimer’s Funding Increases

Getting sick is expensive. And so is dying… especially from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. A recent study revealed that of the three leading killers in America – dementia, cancer and heart disease – dementia was by far the most expensive to treat before a patient’s eventual death. So, postponing its onset can be beneficial to both patients and families paying bills.

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