Month: November 2015

New rainy day fund will cushion blow next time the economy slows

By Daniel Weintraub California’s economy may not be booming, but it is definitely on the mend. The Bay Area is churning out high-tech profits and high-wage jobs. In other parts of the state, unemployment is inching down toward full-employment levels. And as always when California’s economy improves, tax revenues are soaring. With an income tax system highly dependent on the wealthy and their investment income,

Service animals help seniors stay independent

Marv Tuttle, Volunteer with Canine Companions for Independence, “I’ve been injured for 17 years. And I found out about service dogs when I was in the hospital. But being a fairly low level injury, paraplegic, I didn’t think I needed one. You know, because I knew the demand for them was so great that I actually waited for about ten years. And during that period of time I made a lot of friends who were wheel chair users who had service dogs, at similar levels of disability to mine. Who, over a period of time, said ‘Marv you’re wrong, these dogs can do some amazing things for you.’”

Family caregivers help elders stay independent

Silvia Jones, Daughter/Caregiver, “My parents do need care. They are getting older. They are past 70-years-old. They are both retired. Mom specially needs care she has osteoarthritis, she is also a breast cancer survivor. Dad has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and he also has other ailments give or take. So both of them definitely need help in their daily activities.
Right now they live alone, which is great, they are aging in place.”

California Health Report TV – Episode 8

California Health Report TV – Episode 8 from California Health Report on Vimeo. In this episode we bring you stories from throughout San Joaquin Valley about people improving their lives and the conditions of their communities. First we go to the Central Valley where public health workers tackle high asthma rates. Then we take to you Sacramento where bike advocates try to make the city

An Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Just for Caregivers

Mallie Odle, 69, keeps a list on the refrigerator in the kitchen of her San Diego home of the things she enjoys doing in her rare spare time. Recently she checked off lunch with a pal, and she has plans to make a bigger dent on that to-do list, including some exercise classes she hasn’t attended for a while.

How 100,000 Californians are changing health care

More than 100,000 older Californians are on the leading edge of precision medicine, a trend that could transform modern health care. The Californians, all age 60 or older and patients of Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, agreed to answer survey questions and allow their medical history and DNA to be used to form a database that has been used for several studies published in the journal Genetics.

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