Author: Sara Washington

Service animals help seniors stay independent

Marv Tuttle, Volunteer with Canine Companions for Independence, “I’ve been injured for 17 years. And I found out about service dogs when I was in the hospital. But being a fairly low level injury, paraplegic, I didn’t think I needed one. You know, because I knew the demand for them was so great that I actually waited for about ten years. And during that period of time I made a lot of friends who were wheel chair users who had service dogs, at similar levels of disability to mine. Who, over a period of time, said ‘Marv you’re wrong, these dogs can do some amazing things for you.’”

Caregivers face burnout when caring for family members

Dorissa McCalister-Carnell, Family Caregiver, “Here’s a picture of my mom and myself. This was on a Sunday morning, now I’m thinking it was an Easter morning. I see the shadow, I think my Dad was taking the picture. And this is us on our way to Greater Faith. And I want to say circa—19—I want to say around ’67 maybe, ’66 or ’67. I was a big kid so it’s hard to tell. I was always tall, so two or three, that’s about right.”

Central Valley tackles high asthma rates

The Central Valley sees some of the highest asthma rates in California. Air pollution, agriculture, and heavy dependence on driving has created a situation has caused many to breathe uneasily. In this story we got to Stockton, California and the San Joaquin County Asthma Coalition.

Midwives able to accept Medi-Cal if new law approved

In this story we go to Stockton where midwives are struggling to meet the high demand for their services. In California there is a shortage of Medi-Cal providers across the board, but especially for expectant mothers. In many areas of the state families are waiting weeks, maybe months before seeing a doctor for the first time in their pregnancy. Many turn to midwives who have to turn them away because they are not allowed to accept Medi-Cal patients. New legislation could change all that.

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