Month: February 2014

Study: Wide Diversity in Risk Factors, Diseases and Lifestyle Habits Among U.S. Latinos

By Fran Kritz An analysis of data on over 16,000 Hispanic participants from a variety of countries finds wide variety in diseases, risk factors and lifestyles among people who identify as Hispanic in the U.S. The data come from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL), which enrolled about 16,415 Hispanic/Latino adults living in San Diego, Chicago, Miami, and the Bronx, N.Y., who self-identified

Clintons Push For Better Health

By Suzanne Potter Former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea recently headlined the second annual Clinton Health Matters Conference in La Quinta, Calif. They announced $100 million in corporate pledges to improve health across the U.S., and $11 million of that money will go to the Coachella Valley. At the conference, speakers addressed a wide range of issues. “We are trying to change the

Does Health Insurance Equal Health Care?

By Hannah Guzik More than 4 million people have now signed up for the Affordable Care Act, President Obama announced this week, and most of those will likely go on to pay their premiums and receive health insurance. But does health insurance equal health care? In an Atlantic article this week, a doctor argues that it doesn’t, at least in some cases. Helen Ouyang, an

Obama Initiative to Improve Lives of Young Men of Color Announced Today

By Heather Tirado Gilligan President Obama will announce today an initiative aimed at improving the lives of young men of color. The initiative, called My Brother’s Keeper, will seek solutions to the problems that face boys and young men of color in a public-private partnership supported by a roster of major foundations, including the Ford Foundation, the Annie E Casey Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Institute of Medicine Convenes New Obesity Roundtable

By Fran Kritz Public health, obesity, school, business and community experts convened in Washington, D.C. last week at the inaugural workshop of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) new Roundtable on Obesity Solutions. The Roundtable will spend the next few years holding meetings, public workshops and innovation collaboratives and producing background papers with a goal of creating consensus on strategies to prevent and reduce obesity said

Coaxing the Coachella Valley to Sign Up for Insurance

By Suzanne Potter The Inland Empire is on track to meet the state’s goal of enrolling 76,069 people from the region into plans from the Covered California insurance exchange, according to figures just released.  Enrollment hit 39,474 during the first half of the sign-up period, which is 52% of the goal. A big part of the effort in the Coachella Valley is a push by

Food and Drug Administration Orders End to Sale and Distribution of Four Tobacco Products

By Fran Kritz In its first such act since gaining tobacco regulatory authority five years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued orders to stop the further sale and distribution of four tobacco products that are currently on the market. Under the Family Protection and Tobacco Control Act passed in 2009, the FDA must review all tobacco product applications to determine whether

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