Criminal Justice

Punishing Families: The Need To Reimagine Child Welfare In LA County

When mothers experiencing domestic violence call the police for help, they find that responding law enforcement officers are quick to involve the child welfare system.

Once involved, social workers often remove children from their homes, even if the victim has left the partner who is abusing them.

Knowledge of this possibility often leaves victims of domestic violence afraid to call the police for help when they need it. 

California is Reshaping Addiction Treatment, One County at a Time

California has a new addiction treatment approach that tackles substance-use disorder much like any other chronic disease, such as diabetes or heart disease. Patients receive ongoing checkups and support to help prevent relapse, and to catch and treat it quickly if it happens.

So far 10 counties have launched the new program, including Los Angeles, Riverside, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo. Another 30 counties are expected to follow suit this year.

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