Author: Rosa Ramirez

Training teens who dropped out

Being disconnected — neither working nor in school — goes beyond not having spending cash. Research shows that joblessness as youths result in lower wages for years to come due to foregone work experience and missed opportunities to develop professional skills. Urban Corps of San Diego is one program working to provide these youth with skills and job experience.

Q&A: Why sub-specialty pediatricians are in short supply

California’s kids experience more problems obtaining subspecialized pediatric care than children in any other state, a new UCLA Center for Health Policy Research study has found. The California Health Report spoke with Daphna Gans, a research scientist at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and assistant adjunct professor at the university’s Fielding School of Public Health, about why California has so few pediatric subspecialists.

Despite years of advocacy, some farmworker housing still deplorable

When people from Mexico and other parts of Latin America migrate north for work in California’s bountiful agriculture industry, they hope for upward mobility. But the reality for many toiling in the $44.3 billion industry is another. Poor pay, which characterizes the farmworker labor force, has left many struggling to find adequate and safe housing.

Labor shortage doesn’t improve pay for many farmworkers

Ana Rosa Perez wanted a better life when she emigrated from central Mexico to work in Oxnard’s strawberry fields. Instead, she can barely pay her rent. Her son wants a different life – and that’s one reason why California may soon be facing a farmworker shortage.

Immigrants Get Stronger Protections Under Renewed VAWA

Undocumented immigrant victim of domestic violence are often more vulnerable to abuse because of their immigration status, language barriers and lack of finances. But the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which President Obama signed on Thursday, may offer stronger protections for such victims.

NPs on the frontlines

Nurse practitioner Patricia Dennehy leads Glide Health Services in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, the only nurse-run clinic on the West Coast. There, she’s practicing what may become a a model for medicine’s future – providing primary care without doctors.

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