Author: Robert S. Ogilvie

Unlocking Possibilities

Californians have never needed safe play spaces more than we do now. About a third of children in California – and two-thirds of adults – are overweight or obese. Many are urged to get more exercise but can’t follow this advice very easily where they live. Children compete with speeding cars as they try to walk or bike to school. Safe parks and playgrounds are often few and far between, especially in low-income communities. Now all across the state, school districts are hammering out contracts with city agencies to split the costs and responsibilities of opening their gates to the public after hours.

Charting a New Plan for Healthy Redevelopment

As the battle plays out over Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies statewide, one thing is clear: the way we go about revitalizing low-income neighborhoods in California is likely to change. But we must find a way to preserve two of the most powerful tools redevelopment agencies currently hold.

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