Author: Leslie Griffy

New Trauma Centers for Rural Counties

In rural California, traumatic injuries often happen hours away from medical services. Rescuers scramble helicopters or ground ambulances to rush victims of car crashes, major accidents or violence to hospitals outside of the region. Occasionally, those expensive trips to life saving aid are waylaid by weather or traffic.

Bringing health care to the mentally ill

Monterey County wants to revolutionize health care for one of the most difficult to reach groups, the mentally ill. Its new program will create one-stop health care shopping for people whose main interaction with doctors is through the county’s behavioral health centers.

Fieldworkers who breastfeed find support

The federally funded program known as Women, Infants and Children, or WIC, is better known for providing food stamps to needy families, but it also encourages mothers to breastfeed through support and peer counseling. In Salinas, the Monterey County program has zeroed in on farmworkers who are new moms.

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