Author: Alex Matthews

State Tightens Regs on School Snacks

The state of California is looking to get ahead of the curve in implementing federal school nutrition guidelines. AB 626 by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, will fill some of the gaps between California’s nutrition standards and the ones established by the USDA through the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act in 2010.

Bill Would Bring State Billions in Extra Federal Funds

The Legislature has sent a bill to Gov. Brown that would save hospitals from a major cut in reimbursements for treating disabled people under the Medi-Cal program. In exchange the hospitals have agreed implement a fee program that will bring the state $2.4 billion a year in federal healthcare funding.

The Paramedic Will See You Now

A day in the life of a typical paramedic is nothing like that of a primary care provider. Paramedics perform in a high-stress environment that focuses exclusively on providing emergency medical services, while a primary care physician is more focused on a patient’s long term needs. That wall between primary care and emergency health care may soon be eroded.

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