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Opinion: Accurate Patient Data is Key to Reducing Health Disparities, Improving Care

To transform the future of health care, we must understand current care. This is especially true when it comes to addressing the multiple socioeconomic and other factors that drive health disparities.

Right now, our ability to reduce these inequities and increase quality of care for those most in need is limited because we do not have accurate and complete information about how our most vulnerable patients access health care.

Small black boy receiving asthma treatment while doctor is vising him at home due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Opinion: California Must Take Action on Chronic Disease Among Children of Color

The upward trend in childhood chronic disease in California is threatening the health of the next generation, and racial disparities in those diseases are stark evidence of the deep impact that racism has on health.

A groundbreaking Senate bill could help the state begin to change course by prioritizing and investing in prevention of childhood chronic illnesses and creating actionable steps for implementation.

Gardening to build community, change habits

As city planners consider lifting a five-year-old ban on new fast-food vendors in South Los Angeles, urban gardening activists say it’s especially important to promote healthy eating habits by planting publicly available produce gardens on front lawns and city parkways.

Despite years of advocacy, some farmworker housing still deplorable

When people from Mexico and other parts of Latin America migrate north for work in California’s bountiful agriculture industry, they hope for upward mobility. But the reality for many toiling in the $44.3 billion industry is another. Poor pay, which characterizes the farmworker labor force, has left many struggling to find adequate and safe housing.

Labor shortage doesn’t improve pay for many farmworkers

Ana Rosa Perez wanted a better life when she emigrated from central Mexico to work in Oxnard’s strawberry fields. Instead, she can barely pay her rent. Her son wants a different life – and that’s one reason why California may soon be facing a farmworker shortage.

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