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Returning from a Midlife MS Diagnosis — On a Bike

August 7, 2017
After her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2007, Julie Williams decided to commute to work on a bike to improve her health. She quickly found it improved her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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Once Isolated in the Tenderloin, Seniors Find Friendship

June 19, 2017
By Claudia Boyd-Barrett A San Francisco program connects low-income seniors who have become socially isolated, have trouble connecting with others (or even leaving their homes) with companionship.

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In a City with Soaring Housing Costs, a Senior Center Keeps Elders in the Neighborhood

June 14, 2017
By Veronica Moscoso Realizing a one doctor's dream, a combined housing and senior services center serves one of San Francisco's historically African American neighborhoods. 

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Accessible Yoga

January 9, 2017
Accessible Yoga The Accessible Yoga movement is introducing yoga to older adults and others not normally included in this largely young, white, middle-class movement: people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, those with different body types, and underserved communities. Aging With Dignity travels to the Accessible Yoga Conference in Santa Barbara for its first video report.

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Music to their ears

January 21, 2016


People with dementia, if isolated, can withdraw into their own world. But when engaged with others, their condition, or at least their wellbeing, can improve.  A Fairfield music therapist who works with people with dementia has seen physical, emotions and cognitive improvements in her clients. Veronica Moscoso shares their story in this short video report.

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Service animals help seniors stay independent

November 30, 2015

By Sara Washington

Marv Tuttle
Volunteer with Canine Companions for Independence

I’ve been injured for 17 years. And I found out about service dogs when I was in the hospital. But being a fairly low level injury, paraplegic, I didn’t think I needed one. You know, because I knew the demand for them was so great that I actually waited for about ten years.

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Looking to technology to solve future caregiver shortage

November 23, 2015

By Sara Washington

Marcus Rosenthal
Co-Founder, Revolve Robotics
Here we have the Kubi and my co-founder and CTO is logged into it, Ilyah. And he’s able to control the Kubi so he can look around and interact. And he chooses where he looks.

Kathy Kelly
Executive Director, Family Caregiver Alliance
There’s two trends that are intersecting at this point.

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Family caregivers help elders stay independent

November 16, 2015

By Veronica Moscoso

Silvia Jones

My parents do need care. They are getting older. They are past 70-years-old. They are both retired.
Mom specially needs care she has osteoarthritis, she is also a breast cancer survivor. Dad has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and he also has other ailments give or take. So both of them definitely need help in their daily activities.

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California Health Report TV – Episode 8

November 12, 2015

In this episode we bring you stories from throughout San Joaquin Valley about people improving their lives and the conditions of their communities. First we go to the Central Valley where public health workers tackle high asthma rates. Then we take to you Sacramento where bike advocates try to make the city more bike friendly.

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Caregivers face burnout when caring for family members

November 9, 2015

By Sara Washington

Dorissa McCalister-Carnell
Family Caregiver
(Showing family pictures)
Here’s a picture of my mom and myself. This was on a Sunday morning, now I’m thinking it was an Easter morning. I see the shadow, I think my Dad was taking the picture. And this is us on our way to Greater Faith.

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