Author: Tony Wilson

Neutralizing drugs, and now housing blight

A Stockton non-profit group that originally formed to fight a neighborhood’s drugtrade has morphed out of necessity into an organization that is buying up abandoned homes, fixing them and getting them back on the market. Without the group, life in the blighted neighborhood would be even grimmer.

Stockton's rise and fall

Forbes Magazine recently ranked Stockton as the second most miserable city in America. HealthyCal contributor Tony Wilson files this video report taking a look at how the city fell so far so fast. A big reason: Stockton rode the housing boom to the top, then fell badly when the market collapsed.

A troubled life turns around

Derrick Bedford spent his youth shuttling into and out of juvenile hall on drug charges. Now he runs a program that helps change the lives of troubled youth who are genuinely interested in change. He works in the same jail where he was once locked up.

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