Month: June 2010

Single payer plan advances in Assembly

The California Legislature is moving on two fronts when it comes to health care reform. On a bipartisan basis, lawmakers have passed a bill to create a high-risk pool to expand access to health insurance for people who have been denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. At the same time, though, the Democrats who control the Legislature are pushing forward with doomed legislation that would create a Canadian-style single payer health plan.

South Sacramento games to unite community

On Saturday, July 17, South Sacramento residents and organizations will celebrate a year’s worth of planning efforts towards building a healthier region through the “South Sacramento Games.” The South Sacramento region faces many challenges, from unhealthy food and lack of health care to inadequate transportation and violence. Residents have banded together to build a healthier community over the next decade.

SF kicks off Gas-Free Fridays

Furlough Fridays may be history, but Gas-Free Fridays have only just begun. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is urging city residents and commuters to avoid internal combustion engines on Fridays in July by cycling to work, shop and play. Half of all trips in the city are under two miles, the coalition says, and most of those can be easily done by bike.

Senate passes bills to create high-risk pool

The state Senate has passed legislation to create a high-risk insurance pool for people who have been denied private coverage because of previous medical conditions. The pool, to be financed with $760 million in federal money, is the first tangible impact from the passage of federal health reform earlier this year.

Will Hiring Ever Return in California?

In almost every recession, experts and laypeople alike begin to think that California is undergoing a fundamental structural shift that will mean a permanent loss of jobs. It looks as if employment growth will never come again. Until it does.

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