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In Wealthy Santa Clara County, Peer Advocates Help Struggling Seniors

More than 15,000 in well-heeled Santa Clara county seniors live in poverty, taking home less than about $900 a month. And one in four older adults – nearly 50,000 seniors – live “near poverty” – less than twice the federal poverty level. When factoring in the true costs of living in this expensive area, nearly half of the county’s older adults are considered impoverished. The Senior Peer Advocate program – or SPA – was spawned by the Santa Clara County’s Aging Services Collaborative of Santa Clara County in hopes of connecting seniors with essential services — in particular affordable housing and transportation.

The Vibrant Brain: A User’s Guide

Three recent stories about brain health and dementia spotlight a frequent conundrum in the world of health: sometimes pills just don’t have the answers. In an eye-opening March report, the Alzheimer’s Association claimed that one in three adults over 65 will die while suffering from dementia – Alzheimer’s Disease in its most pernicious form. Another study, by the RAND Corporation, tallied the annual costs of dementia at between $157 billion and $215 billion – more than heart disease or cancer.

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