California Health Report TV – Episode 4

In this episode we bring you stories from around the state about people improving their lives – and the conditions of their communities.

First we go to Sunnyside Organic Seedlings in Richmond where we met Pilar Reber who went from a pesticide applicator twenty years ago to the owner of a certified organic farm. Reber is now partnering with local non-profits to teach youth about organic farming methods.

Then we visit a San Francisco research center working to better the lives of those most at risk for poor health. UC San Francisco’s Center for Vulnerable Populations puts many of the most common health conditions in the crosshairs, and uses research and outreach to improve the health of society’s most vulnerable-sometimes in unexpected ways.

Next we go to the Yisrael Family Farm in Sacramento where former tech worker Chanowk Yisrael is trying to support his family through with a backyard farm in the heart of one of urban Sacramento’s grittiest neighborhoods.

Finally California Health Report Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Weintraub interviews Dr. Ashby Wolfe. Wolfe is an expert on the connection between land use policy and health. She has a family practice in Oakland and also works to advocate for policy changes that promote community health.

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