Photo voice Fresno

Photographs of my community.

Boarded House
In this picture, I see a boarded up house. It’s a cold fact we have to face when our houses gets boarded up. I believe this is a problem and a strength at the same time. I think the City uses boarded houses as an example to keep people from doing bad things in their houses. There isn’t really anything we can do but make sure we aren’t doing bad things in our houses.

Tagged-Up Stop Sign
In this picture, I see a tagged up stop sign. We go outside everyday and look at graffiti like it is a normal part of the world. In other words, we look right over them! It is a problem because it marks the areas that are bad for us to go in. We should be able to go anywhere we want. We should set cameras up and have more patrol units around these heavily tagged areas.

This photo essay originally appeared at, a youth media project supported by New America Media and the California Endowment.

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