New Solutions for Long-Standing Drinking Water Pollution in Central Valley

By Robin Urevich Millions of Californians depend on a polluted water supply, but in the vast majority of places, the contamination is removed, and clean fresh water flows into homes, schools and businesses. Not so for as many as 160,000 people who regularly get doses of arsenic, nitrates, industrial solvents or bacterial contamination as they drink, cook and bathe. In some parts of the state,

PrEP Awareness Programs Aim to Reduce Disparities in New HIV Infections

By Linda Childers Although one of the most powerful biomedical drugs in the fight against HIV/AIDS has been available for the past four years, California health officials say the disease continues to disproportionately affect populations including Black and Latino gay and bisexual men, black women and transgender women. Truvada, a prescription drug used for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the practice of using antiviral medication to prevent

What’s in Your Shopping Cart?

Turning Around Orange County’s Persistent Disparities By Amy DePaul Having just bought a dozen or so quart-bottles of sports drinks – a riot of reds, yellows and blues wedged in the front of his shopping cart — Luis Gregorio Ruiz almost made it out of an Anaheim grocery store on a recent morning. But not quite. Maureen Villasenor, a physician in a white coat with

L.A. Metro Moving Bar on Health

L.A. is on the road toward a transportation revolution. It’s been a slow start but with a new, well-utilized Expo Rail line extension stretching from Downtown L.A. to the beach and more lines under construction, many of L.A.’s famously car-loving citizens are navigating in new ways.

LA County Launches Initiative to Reduce Screen Time and Increase Exercise for Kids Five and Under

Los Angeles County has launched an ambitious initiative to reduce screen time and increase exercise among children five and under. The county’s Department of Public Health is placing ads in public transit stations, in movie theaters and online showing tots and parents engaging in fun activities such as jumping and playing indoor basketball. The ads, as well as some radio spots, are part of a

Outreach to At-Risk Communities Crucial to Diabetes Prevention

By Linda Childers

At the senior center in Kerman, Calif., Rosendo Iniguez demonstrates how to cook a more healthful version of empanadas. Although such traditional Latino dishes are typically high in calories, fat and carbs, Iniguez is showing how diabetics can create healthier versions by making simple substitutions.

GirlTrek Helps African-American Women Find Better Health

By Linda Childers

When Kendria McKnight of Elk Grove, Calif., first started walking for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five days a week, she hoped to lower her blood pressure. She did that and much more. McKnight’s treks became part of a free national movement designed to improve the health of black women across the country one step at a time.

Safe Parking Programs Offer a Respite for the Homeless

By Lily Dayton

An hour before sunset, a Neapolitan-striped RV lurches into the church parking lot near a wooded area on the Monterey Peninsula. A 65-year-old woman named Irene Evers Elisabeth guides the hulking vehicle into a parking space; her dog Buster rides shotgun. They’ll sleep here tonight, like they have for the past month—the first month in years when Elisabeth hasn’t had to worry about waking in the night to a police officer pounding at her camper door, shining a flashlight in her windows and ordering her to move on.


Farmworkers Fight For Overtime Pay and Better Working Conditions

By Hannah Guzik

The sun has just nosed above the horizon when Maria Espinosa (not her real name) ties a bandana over her face to protect herself from pesticides and dust, and reaches for a blackberry bush. Paid by the amount of berries she picks plus a $3-per-hour wage, Espinosa works feverishly for 10 hours, stopping only briefly for short breaks and lunch. For that day in early May, Espinosa would receive no overtime pay.

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