Month: October 2016

“You Don’t Think I’m Beautiful” – Dating Over 50

By Matt Perry Chuck Epstein suffered two personal crises that dramatically changed his life. After more than three decades writing about finance, he was laid off during the 2008 financial services meltdown. Not long after that, his wife died of cancer. Epstein left California and eventually relocated to Florida to be near his daughter and grandkids, yet found himself single, alone, and yearning for companionship.

LA County Launches Initiative to Reduce Screen Time and Increase Exercise for Kids Five and Under

Los Angeles County has launched an ambitious initiative to reduce screen time and increase exercise among children five and under. The county’s Department of Public Health is placing ads in public transit stations, in movie theaters and online showing tots and parents engaging in fun activities such as jumping and playing indoor basketball. The ads, as well as some radio spots, are part of a

Home Sweet Home… For Dementia

By Matt Perry When first planning a new concept in dementia living in The Netherlands, Yvonne Van Amerongen had trouble explaining that she wanted a real world village — not the sterile confines of a nursing home. “It took us three months to explain to the first architect what a normal house meant,” says Van Amerongen during a recent appearance at San Francisco’s Aging 2.0

Statistics Show Many Parents Experienced Childhood Trauma

By Hannah Guzik  One in five California adults with children living in their homes said they were physically abused as a child, and one in 10 were sexually abused, according to data released this week. The research, from Kidsdata through a partnership with the California Department of Public Health, shows that adults who are raising children commonly experienced childhood trauma when they were young. Previous research has

Fewer California Doctors Accept Medi-Cal, Despite Surge in Number of Patients

By Hannah Guzik  Although enrollment in California’s low-income health plan has surged in the last three years, fewer physicians are accepting these Medi-Cal patients, according to a new report. That means 40 percent of doctors provide 80 percent of Medi-Cal visits statewide. The report, released this month by the California Health Care Foundation, found that the percentage of California physicians with any Medi-Cal patients decreased

Gov. Brown Signs Bill Granting Paid Parental Leave to School Employees

  By Hannah Guzik Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill late last month that will give paid parental leave to all California school employees for up to 12 weeks, including those who work in classified departments and community colleges. The workers will have the option to use any accrued sick leave during that time, and then will receive at least half of their regular pay

Dismal Dental Care Access for Low-Income Californians Prompts Counties and the State to Test Drive Solutions

By Lynn Graebner One third of California residents and half of the state’s children qualify for Denti-Cal, the state’s Medi-Cal dental program. So leaders in counties like Santa Cruz, where 82 percent of the dentists don’t take Denti-Cal, are seeking new ways to serve this long-suffering low-income population. “Most California dentists want nothing to do with Denti-Cal,” stated an April report by the Little Hoover

Going the Distance for Clean Mouths and Oral Health

Five-year-old Katherine Turcios looked skeptical as a hygienist held up a pen-sized dental instrument for the kindergartener to examine. “No pica,” she told Katherine, assuring her it wouldn’t hurt. Then she placed it in the child’s hand so she could see for herself that it wasn’t sharp.

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