Month: September 2016

Measure Taxing E Cigarettes, Tobacco Will go to Voters

The burgeoning electronic cigarette industry is on the defensive in California this year as the debate over the devices moves to the November ballot. If approved by the voters, Prop 56 would levy hefty taxes on so-called vaping devices and add $2 per pack to the price of traditional tobacco burning cigarettes.

Outreach to At-Risk Communities Crucial to Diabetes Prevention

At the senior center in Kerman, Calif., Rosendo Iniguez demonstrates how to cook a more healthful version of empanadas. Although such traditional Latino dishes are typically high in calories, fat and carbs, Iniguez is showing how diabetics can create healthier versions by making simple substitutions.

USC Report: Latino dementia and costs rising rapidly

The Latino population is exploding, and without a true medical breakthrough, there are expected to be 1.1 million Latinos with Alzheimer’s nationwide by 2030 and a whopping 3.5 million with the disease by 2060 – an increase of more than 800% from the 379,000 estimated in 2012.

GirlTrek Helps African-American Women Find Better Health

When Kendria McKnight of Elk Grove, Calif., first started walking for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five days a week, she hoped to lower her blood pressure. She did that and much more. McKnight’s treks became part of a free national movement designed to improve the health of black women across the country one step at a time.

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