Month: August 2016

Nation’s First Firearm Violence Research Center Will Be At UC Davis

By Hannah Guzik The nation’s first firearm violence research center will be located at UC Davis’ Sacramento campus, University of California President Janet Napolitano announced Monday. Garen Wintemute, an ER doctor and experienced gun violence researcher, will lead the University of California Firearm Violence Research Center. Wintemute’s existing gun-violence research program is the only one in the Western U.S. and he is considered one of

Safe Parking Programs Offer a Respite for the Homeless

By Lily Dayton

An hour before sunset, a Neapolitan-striped RV lurches into the church parking lot near a wooded area on the Monterey Peninsula. A 65-year-old woman named Irene Evers Elisabeth guides the hulking vehicle into a parking space; her dog Buster rides shotgun. They’ll sleep here tonight, like they have for the past month—the first month in years when Elisabeth hasn’t had to worry about waking in the night to a police officer pounding at her camper door, shining a flashlight in her windows and ordering her to move on.


Plunging teen birth numbers reason to celebrate

By Daniel Weintraub Although we live in a culture of negativity that leads many people to believe that things are worse than ever, the data often show otherwise. Crime, for example, has plummeted for a quarter-century, though you’d never know it from watching the local news. Access to higher education has never been greater. And the value of the country’s manufacturing output is near all-time

Caregiver Blues? Be Here Now

By Matt Perry

Imagine you’re swimming in a muddy river, trying desperately to peer through the muck. You face a swirl of confusing obstacles. They have names like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, children, job, vacations, texting and a thousand other distractions.

The muck is modern life.

California’s Foster Children Are Improperly Prescribed Psychotropic Meds, State Auditor Finds

By Hannah Guzik California foster children are frequently prescribed psychotropic medications, but oftentimes dosages exceed state guidelines and the children don’t receive follow-up services. And, too often, no one notices. That’s the grim news from State Auditor Elaine Howle in a report released Tuesday. “This issue is of particular importance to California, which has the largest population of foster children in the country,” the report

Looking out for our most vulnerable children

A child’s health and chance to survive a serious medical condition should not be dependent on their family’s income. All children deserve access to high-quality health care services – particularly children who are medically fragile or have serious diseases.

Confronting Child Sex Trafficking on the Central Coast

Five years ago, when Lisa Conn became a mental health provider for juvenile justice in Santa Barbara County, she noticed a disturbing trend: A large number of the incarcerated girls were displaying symptoms of complex trauma and, in particular, sex trauma.

Most Survivors Want More Rehab, Less Punishment for Victimizers

Aswad Thomas made a quick stop at a convenience store to buy a bottle of pink lemonade on a hot summer night in 2009. He had recently graduated from college—the first in his family to attend a university—and he’d been recruited to play professional basketball overseas. He was leaving the market when two men approached him in the parking lot. One pointed a gun at Thomas; the other pointed two at him. They shot him twice in the back.

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